Monday, July 6, 2015

Fireworks and Bulls

Hey Mom,

I'm glad you guys had a fun 4th of July. We didn't do much, I only noticed it was the fourth when I was writing in my journal that night. Me and the other American Elder talked a little about it and some of the stuff our families do when we celebrate. They don't celebrate the 4th here of course, but they are always shooting fireworks off because of the soccer games that are constantly being played. Paraguay was playing Brazil and Paraguay won in a shootout and all the people were yelling in the streets and a bunch of fireworks were going off, it was a cool experience.

I haven't gotten any of your mail yet, but we are going to visit the mission office on Wednesday for an interview with the new mission president, so we will get mail then. I'm glad you got my letters, I numbered them at the top right corners of the paper, there should be 4 letters total. 

This week has been good, 5 of our investigators showed up to church! Here it is super difficult to get people to show up because our area is really big and the church is usually far from their houses and most people don't have a car or motorcycle to travel around. And our church on Sunday usually only has about 25-40 people each week. The lessons are good, I still don't usually say much because it is difficult to follow the fast conversations in Spanish, and the people usually mix in a little Guarani as well. But, I help where I can and they seem to understand me when I do.

Yesterday when we were walking around, we walked past these cows and some bulls, and I guess one of the bulls saw my red tie I was wearing, and started to run towards me and my companion. Luckily, he was tied up to a tree and we were safe, but it was kind of scary, and we laughed about it afterwards.
I got pretty sick on Friday with a fever, so we stayed at our apartment pretty much all day and I slept for most of the time. I feel a lot better now, so don't worry too much Mom. 
Anyways, can't wait to hear from you soon and I keep you all in my prayers every day, I think I figured out how to send pictures too so I'm going to try to!

Love you lots,
Elder Spiro


  1. Nice blog. I had companions who served in Paraguay and liked it. I was always assigned to Uruguay during my first mission. I wondered if there are still a lot of monkeys in Asuncion still. ElderSpiro sounds great. Much love to you all, Juliet Chlarson Smedley, cousin

    1. I will have to ask Alex about the monkeys! Love you too!