Monday, July 13, 2015

Helping people and personal growth

Hey Mom,

This past week has been awesome. I still haven't had a baptism yet, but this next week and the week after we should definitely have some. It is so cool to see our investigators progressing. Especially the ones who are making big changes in their lives. For example, we have one 25 year old who has always had a problem with smoking and in our first visit we talked with him and his mom, and they were crying and telling us about how he wanted to change his smoking habit. So, we have been teaching him and he has been coming to church, and we gave him a picture of Jesus to put in his wallet to look at whenever he was going to buy cigarettes. Now his mom has said he has stopped smoking completely! She loves when we come and teach and always makes us food. She isn't interested, but she loves how the gospel is helping her son. And I love it too, it has been so rewarding to help someone change their life.

My Spanish has also gotten a lot better, I understand and talk more in the lessons too, and my companion has always been super helpful and encouraging, and supportive when I share my testimony in the lessons.
I also gave a talk on Sunday for 15 min. It went well I think, everyone was complementing me on my Spanish after and saying how well I could speak for just learning for 2 months.

We did get a chance to meet the new mission president, we traveled to Asuncion this week and had a big meal with a bunch of the other missionaries. I believe we have a personal interview with him this week. And I got the package you sent! It was so awesome looking at pictures of all of you guys (not so much the Oreo pictures) :) And don't worry about sending too many, because everyone always usually gets letters and other stuff each week.

I hope you guys had a good week with Abbey's b-day, it sounded like she had fun. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon and I will send some more pictures when they load on the computer soon.

Love you,
Elder Spiro
One of the member's homes

The view from the Elder's apartment

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