Monday, April 3, 2017

2 weeks left, safe and sound

Editor's note: In downtown Asuncion a few nights ago there were some  violent protests because of a decision their senate had made recently.  This decision was not received well by the constituents. As a mother of a son possibly living in that area and seeing the fires, destruction and even a death resulting in the protests and riots, I can tell you we were pretty nervous, wondering if Alex was in the same area. Here is the letter we received today. -Chris

Hey Mom,

So ya, the riots and stuff happened to be in our area, but I was on divisions with another missionary so no worries, but nothing happened to the other missionaries either, we were just told to stay inside our houses and unfortunately we were unable to watch the Priesthood Session of conference because it would have been too late to get back at night.  I really enjoyed conference anyways, I listened in Spanish but I still got a lot out of the talks, I really liked a lot of the 70`s talks, their insights are very interesting, hope you all are good, sorry to say that their won`t be any pictures this week because i forgot to bring my camera :( but next week for sure!

Our investigators are doing well, we weren`t able to visit them for a couple of days because of the problems, but Miguel was able to come to church, and he said one of the talks really touched him. We have been working hard and finding many new people,  I may not be here when they get baptized but I know I could at least plant the gospel seed in their lives.

My last interview with President Wilson went great, he asked me about some of my spiritual experiences in my mission and the hard moments too, but the lessons I have learned from those tough moments was the most important. He asked me about what my plans were after the mission and I talked about studying and going to college, and he talked to me a lot about getting married. He said the most important thing I should focus on is being sealed in the temple, and that the other things are important too, but I should have the Lord`s will before the wordly things. He told me something important, that no good job or studies can get me an eternal family, so I seem to have a lot of thinking to do.... haha

But anyways, this week should be interesting, and I have been told the Aguayo family from my previous area is planning on going to the temple to be sealed, so I will have pictures of that if we can organize things well :) Hope you have a great week, thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Spiro

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